Tradução Simultânea

Interpretes qualificados para traduzir seus eventos com excelência

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Tradução Escrita

Tradutores especializados em diferentes áreas do conhecimento

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Legendagem e locução rápida e precisa para seus vídeos

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SIGMAS – Tradução e Interpretação



At Sigmas you plan your event with the responsible translator-interpreter, who can identify the best solution for you. We have a solid experience in the simultaneous and consecutive translations of lectures, meetings, workshops, accompanying services and more - don't worry, your voice is in good hands.

Written Translation

Qualified translators, specialized in different subject areas, take care of your text from start to finish - producing, reviewing and, most of all, respecting your message. And at Sigmas your content can be delivered all ready in the layout of your choice. We offer simple and sworn translations.


Are you in need of subtitling, transcription, narration or voice-over? Be it a technical video, a focus group or survey's recordings, a power point presentation or a corporate film, our voice talents and dedicated media translators guarantee a high quality and timely editing for all your audiovisual media.

Sigmas' 3 Pillars

COMPLETE SOLUTIONS for cross language communications. We are your one-stop-shop in the field: simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, accompanying Interpretation; sworn and free Translations; Subtitling and Voice-over are part of our comprehensive solutions' portfolio.

Top QUALITY services for a FAIR price and values. Specialized and seasoned translators and interpreters delivering an excellent work at a fair price, without any go-between, i.e. no agency fees – all that translates into high value for you.

A diligent and CUSTOM-TAILORED approach. What want to see the communication happening seamlessly, exceeding our client’s expectations. We work for individuals and companies from start-ups to multinationals, and we leverage all this expertise and flexibility to meet each project’s needs.

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Our languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, among others.



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